Prico Group's clients benefit from a large, skilled team, experienced in strategic planning, management and execution as well as financial transactions. The Prico team is composed from a lineup of analysts, dealers, front dealing room employees and back room staff. All team members have academic degrees in various areas including economics, accounting, business administration, banking, law and science.

Joseph P. Fraiman, CEO of Prico Group

Mr. Fraiman is CEO of the Prico Group and Fraiman Holdings which operates on various levels including the foreign currency and New Shekel arena, future commodities, interests and capital markets in Israel and abroad. The Group develops software, applications and solutions for the financial market. Mr. Fraiman is a member of management in the credit rating company Midroog.
Mr. Fraiman has an academic education in economics, business administration, agricultural economics, sciences (Msc) and law.
He is certified to engage in investment consultation and management and has been a member of the international Financial Markets Association (ACI) since the 1980's. Mr. Fraiman is an expert in managing exposures and financial activities in large scopes and various levels: cash flow, budget and economic. A member in various investment committees in banking corporations and public bodies, Mr. Fraiman began serving as a consultant to leading companies in the market during the 80's.
After an extended stay in the USA, upon his return to Israel Mr. Fraiman joined the Israeli banking scene, where he worked in the international arena and dealt in inter-currency trade, interest rates and raw materials as well as involvement in the local capital market.
He began his way as a dealer in Hapoalim Bank's dealing room and gradually progressed to running the international dealing room for a leading international company. He joined the Prico Group in the late eighties.
* Portfolio Management License No. 1896

Eli Kadosh

Eli serves as Chairman at PPM Investment Committee which is the financial arm at Prico Group that manages investments in Israel and abroad for companies, nonprofit organizations and large private clients.
Eli joined PPM after holding for over thirty years a variety of senior positions at the Bank of Israel, among others, in the business sector, foreign exchange, banking, capital flows and balance of payments.
Eli has profound experience and familiarity with the Israeli economy and the global economy. He served for many years as chairman of the educational fund of Bank of Israel and chairman of its investment committee and led her to outstanding achievements.
Eli is serving for many years as a member of CFOs of large company's forum in Israel, in the past he was a member of many committees in taxation, capital flows setting prices of public goods, and represented Israel in international working groups in OECD, euro-stat and etc.
Eli led the team that operated to adjust the statistics rules of balance of payments as requires as part of the OECD which was necessary to accept Israel to the prestigious organization.
Eli Masters (MA) in Economics and Law from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Nitza Messika-Reizer, Chief Analyst

Mrs. Messika-Reizer, has an academic degree in economics and business administration from the Ben Gurion University. She joined the Prico Group in 1998 as a dealer in the dealing room and for the past couple of years, she has been acting as Chief Analyst in the field of planning, management and execution of transactions and financial activities for institutional and private clients as well as locating, examining and hedging budget and cash flow related financial exposure in companies.
Mrs. Messika-Reizer is in charge of reviewing endogenous and exogenous effects on prices of raw materials and other market risks impacting the results of various sectors in the market.
* Portfolio Management License No. 5950

Miryam Szeinblum, Chief Dealer

Mrs. Szeinblum joined Prico Group in 1997 with more than 30 years experience in foreign currency trade. Mrs. Szeinblum currently manages the inter-currency trade arena in Prico's dealing room.
Mrs. Szeinblum worked in the Mizrahi Bank for 24 years including as Assistant Director of the bank's dealing room.
Mrs. Szeinblum specializes in planning and implementing complex transactions for firms, which express her extensive experience in the field of foreign currency and banking.

Igor Brachman

Igor holds a degree in economics and business administration (BA) from the Hebrew University. Started his career in 2007 Prico and works as dealer trading room and a senior analyst in planning, management and execution of transactions and financial transactions for private and institutional clients.

Riki Avidor

Riki holds a degree in economics and business administration (BA) from the Ben Gurion university. Ms. Avidor joined the Prico Group in 2014 after 4 years' experience as foreign currency trader at a major financial institution. Riki preform her works as a dealer at the trading room as well as a senior analyst in planning, management and execution of financial transactions for public, private and institutional clients.