Financial Risk Management
At Time of Fluctuations in
Technology Companies

A special webinar event for CEOs and CFOs,
entrepreneurs and venture capitalists

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We are honored to invite you to an Extends webinar on financial risk management with Joseph Fraiman, CEO of the Prico Group, a company that has been operating for over 40 years in the fields of risk management of foreign exchange, commodity and interest rate. The Prico team covers the needs of consulting and deal execution for leading Israel corporations as well as start-ups and funds.


The event will take place on
28.02 at 11:00 local (Israel time).

* The webinar will be conducted in Hebrew

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Academic articles confirm that 80% of Large public companies actively hedge their currency risks and the remaining 20% do not hedge,
due to a lack of knowledge and awareness.
That’s why we chose Yossi Fraiman, the head of Prico, to present a webinar that makes the world of risk management accessible to technology companies.

What will be covered
in the webinar?

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Disclaimer: The webinar and professional materials should not be construed as a recommendation to perform or to avoid any financial action. All information and content transmitted in the webinar does not constitute risk management consulting for companies, as such consulting must take into account the specific needs of each and every company.

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